Mettams Pool reef and beach from the air on a sunny day with calm clear waters and many people on the beach and in the water.
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Mettams Pool in Western Australia is a small but very popular sheltered oasis for swimmers and snorkellers alike. Check this list before you head out to find everything you need to know, from facilities and parking to the best time of year to visit.

You won’t be disappointed that you dropped in at this local treasure!

How to Get to Mettams Pool | Directions

Only a 20-minute drive from Perth CBD, Mettams Pool in North Beach WA is most easily reached by car. Public transport is available, but there is currently no direct route from the CBD.

Free public parking is available, but you need to get there early to secure a spot when the weather is nice. Further street parking is available on West Coast Drive and a short walk south at Bennion Beach Car Park.

What’s at Mettams Pool?

During low swell and low winds, the surrounding reef creates a calm, natural lagoon, making Mettams Pool a perfect spot for snorkelling and swimming.

The clear, shallow waters make this an ideal swim spot for kids of all ages, so expect a lot of families during the warm summer months.

a family enjoying time on the beach, representing the best family beaches in Perth

With all it has to offer, Mettams Pool is featured in our guide to the Top 10 Family-Friendly Beaches in Perth!

Snorkellers can hope to see a huge variety of marine life, including blowfish, wrasse, pink snappers and western rock lobsters to name a few!

During autumn and winter, you’re more likely to see surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers beyond the reef during a decent swell.

Somewhat lacking in facilities for such a popular beach, Mettams Pool has one picnic table, an outdoor shower, and a toilet/changing block with indoor showers (unfortunately not private).

If you’re looking for free BBQs or playgrounds you will need to head to nearby Trigg Beach (1 km south) or Scarborough Beach (2 km south).

The closest places to grab a coffee or bite to eat are just across the road at Beachcombers (fish and chips), Spinifex (daytime cafe/ evening meals and brewery), and Trigg Pizza. Spinifex opens early, and the others open later on in the day, so you’re covered for whatever time you get hungry.

Activities & Things to Do

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Whatever your activity, check the waves, tide, and weather forecast before heading out here.

On calm days Mettam Pool is one of the top spots to go snorkelling around Perth. The reef is big enough that it rarely gets too crowded and has enough marine life and fun rock formations to satisfy any snorkellers from beginner to advanced levels.

Enjoy swimming in the clear, sheltered waters in the pool, protected from the waves by the reef. The best conditions for swimming are usually first thing in the morning in the warmer months, so head out early to beat the wind and waves picking up in the afternoon.

Mettams Pool is part of Marmion Marine Park, where fishing is allowed but be sure to follow seasonal and area restrictions which can be found on signage by boat ramps, or the Marine Parks WA app.

This is a popular surfing spot, so expect company in the water when the swell is up. Perth’s high winds make this a popular spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing too.

Remember: Bring equipment for all activities as no hire facilities are available nearby.

What Can’t You Do?

The following things are prohibited at Mettams Pool:

  • dogs (however, Trigg Dog Beach is nearby)
  • spearfishing
  • camping
  • vehicles on the beach
a sign by the steps at the beach advising beachgoers of restrictions and warnings at Mettams Pool WA

Safety: Good to Know

a line graphic of a shark fin in water

SHARKS – Of course, you can never 100% say you won’t see a shark in the ocean, but the reef formation and shallow water make it unlikely in the sheltered area at Mettams Pool. The water in the deep reef area has normal WA shark activity.

Check shark activity anywhere in Western Australia before you head out at The shark-spotting helicopter is operational from September to April.

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There is no lifeguard patrol at Mettams Pool

More to Explore in the Area

Hillarys Boat Harbour is an 8-minute drive north with plenty of food, drink, or shopping options available. AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) at Hillarys is a great way to entertain the kids for a few hours, check our guide to make the most of your visit.

Trigg Bushland Reserve is a 2-minute drive inland, with options for walking trails and scenic views of the ocean and Rottnest Island.

Scarborough Beach is only 8 minutes south by car and has plenty to see, with an art trail, skate park, the iconic ‘whale playground’, and a large amphitheatre to take a moment and catch the sunset.

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