the pink water of Lake Hillier on a tree covered island in Western Australia, where a thin stretch of land separated the pink lake from the beach and ocean
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Middle Island WA

DUE TO RECENT HIGH RAINFALL, LAKE HILLIER IS NOT CURRENTLY PINK, an anomaly that hasn’t happened in living memory. As a result, tours aren’t running but are hoping to return soon when the lake regains its colour.

Often confused with the Pink Lake of Esperance (or should I say ‘previously’ Pink Lake of Esperance), Lake Hillier is actually a fairly small 600m x 250m bubblegum pink lake, miles away from the mainland.

It is reliably pink year-round on a pristine island with an awesome pirate-focused history, making this one of the most stunning and fascinating pink lakes Australia-wide.

Why is Lake Hillier Pink?

A mystery until very recently, when scientists discovered the pink colour is likely caused by a mix of salt-loving colourful bacteria and algae, some of which were previously unknown to science.

The pink lake is around 8 times saltier than the ocean and essentially untouched by humans, a rare occurrence in the natural world, which is why this particular hue is not seen very often.

Where is Lake Hillier?

The famous Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island, around 150km offshore from Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia, the closest town and departure spot for most of the tours to this natural treasure.

How to See Lake Hillier

The only way to visit is by sea or air, making this not only an expensive day out but also one most people don’t get to do. Although many tours include sights of other amazing locations of, and around Esperance, so you get to see many unforgettable destinations in one trip.

Esperance Island Cruises run boat tours

Real Aussie Adventures and Fly Esperance run flights

Alternative pink lake sightseeing tours around Esperance are available while Lake Hillier is out of action.

Can You Swim in Lake Hillier?

Middle Island (part of the Recherche Archipelago group of islands) is uninhabited and classified as an A-class nature reserve, meaning Lake Hillier has strict rules around tourist activities.

Check with your tour operator to see what restrictions are currently running as these can change throughout the year.

No flight tour operators land on Middle Island, so the only way to be close to the lake is by taking a boat tour.

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