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Yanchep Lagoon is one of the most stunning beaches in Perth, with everything you need nearby to make this a full day-out location.

Offering more protection from Mother Nature than most Perth beaches, the lagoon is an ideal spot for a family day trip, beach date, snorkelling, or a relaxing dip in the Indian Ocean.

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With all it has to offer, Yanchep Lagoon is featured in our guide to the Top 10 Family-Friendly Beaches in Perth!

How to get to Yanchep Lagoon | Directions

Around a 45-minute (55 km) drive north from Perth CBD, Yanchep is most easily reached by taking the Mitchell Freeway up to Alkimos where it ends, then heading up Marmion Avenue for the rest of the journey.

There is free parking at the beach and along Brazier Road running along the coastline, but be aware it can get very busy during summer weekends and public holidays!

What’s There?

The lagoon has the same idyllic, pristine sand as most beaches in Perth, but has the unique feature of the 300m reef about 20m offshore, sheltering the beach from the full force of the waves.

The reef has a ton of marine life including octopus, starfish, corals and spectacular fish such as lionfish and manta rays!

Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club is right next to the car park, where you will also find the toilets and changing facilities. Warm indoor showers are available in the changing rooms, and outdoor showers are at the top of the ramp heading to the beach.

Orion Cafe is just across the road from the beach within easy walking distance. Although the main cafe is currently closed for renovations, you can still get a limited menu of food and drinks from the beach hut, and use the outdoor seating and play area.

Free Public BBQs and a handful of picnic tables are available next to the car park. These get busy quickly so Fishermans Hollow Park is a good backup option for BBQs, just across the road next to the cafe.

Sunsets at the lagoon are worth sticking around for and can be an amazing end to a fun-filled day!

Activities at Yanchep Lagoon

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Alongside swimming and snorkelling, Yanchep Lagoon is an ideal spot for stand-up paddleboarding on calmer days.

Fishing is allowed outside of the red and yellow flags, but due to the popularity of this beach in summer, don’t expect an undisturbed, relaxing time. Fishing tends to be more popular at the nearby, and much quieter Capricorn Beach and South Yanchep Beach.

Remember: You need to bring equipment for all activities as no hire facilities are available.

It’s always a good idea to check conditions before venturing out. You can check on the weather, tides, and upcoming forecasts here.

What Can’t You Do?

The following things are prohibited at Yanchep Lagoon:

  • dogs (however, Yanchep Dog Beach is nearby)
  • spearfishing
  • camping
  • vehicles on the beach
the warning sign at Yanchep Lagoon beach showing: 'dangerous current, submerged rocks, dumping waves, steep drop off, unstable cliff, snakes' and that following activities are prohibited: 'dogs, cars, motorbikes, littering, camping.

Safety: Good to Know

a line graphic of a shark fin in water

SHARKS – Of course, you can never 100% say you won’t see a shark in the ocean, but the reef formation and shallow water make it unlikely at Yanchep Lagoon. The shark-spotting helicopter is operational from September to April.

Check shark activity anywhere in Western Australia before you head out at sharksmart.com.au

Swim at the south end of the beach (on the left as you walk down) for the calmest and most shallow waters where the reef attaches to the main beach.

Strong currents are common with the changing tides, and it is advised to stay away from the north end of the reef where the water flows from the Lagoon back into the ocean, creating a strong rip.

an icon of a lifeguard showing lifeguards are available at this location

Lifeguards patrol the Lagoon during summer (October – April). Stay between the red and yellow flags for the easiest visibility from the lifeguard tower.

More to Explore Around Yanchep

Yanchep National Park is a 10-minute drive from the Lagoon and well worth a visit. There is a lot to explore, and if you’re a fan of camping, Henry White Oval Campground is a lovely place to stay with top-notch facilities (warm shower anyone?).

Golfing fans can go for 9 or 18 holes at Sun City Country Club, less than 10 minutes from the beach.

The newly built Yanchep Village, around 5 minutes away from the Lagoon has a selection of big fast-food chains and supermarkets to get those hungry tummies under control after a long day at the beach!

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